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Antique Chinese Mud Men 1890-1937

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I began writing about my experiences collecting these wonderful Chinese ceramic mud figures nearly a decade ago. I had written several original pioneering editorials that were published online at that time, which in a sense were the innovative articles as few things were written concerning antique Chinese mud men back then.

Much of what I had written at that time continues to be recopied onto  various websites talking about or even selling Chinese Mud men today, unfortunately most times their is no attribution to the artist or original publisher where the information was first cited.

Some  visitors to this site may remember “Art of the Mud Man” first published at “Art of Bonsai.org in 2007” and then republished at “Of Bonsai.org the premier online Magazine in 2011” and “Myths, Facts and Fiction, The Legacy of an Antique Collectible” first published at Bonsai4me.com in 2005, and has since appeared in numerous bonsai sites across the web, both of these essays can still be read online today. 


Most internet searches for antique mud men, mud man etc. would hit these articles first, and today the photos from the original works are still appearing on the Google image searches linking back to the innovative commentaries. Today I continue to collect Chinese mud figures, however more discreetly, the days of indiscriminate buying are gone, now the more unusual the figurine the better.


I continue to pursue the bonsai and Penjing arts as a hobby of which I am most appreciative, I also enjoy displaying antique or if appropriate, unusual modern mud figures with my miniature landscape art.



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